Garage Interior

We understand what homeowners want from their garage because we have designed and installed tens of thousands of garage systems.

GarageTek revolutionised the home improvement industry by using commercial-grade panel on the walls of the residential garage. Our patented, garage-tough TekPanel® lines your garage walls giving you a finished look and creating an entire room of potential storage space. Only this high quality paneling can give you all-around beauty and endless flexibility to move, add or change the storage layout.

Our full range of lifestyle accessories hang safely from the TekPanel, getting everything organised and optimising the usable room. GarageTek has the largest line of coordinated storage solutions available anywhere. And now your car can be in its rightful place, in the garage.


The Garage Tek Advantage

1 GarageTek is a complete Garage system having storage and organisation solutions for walls, floors and ceilings. Alongside the flexible ceiling systems, we offer a flooring solution which is durable and attractive.

2 GarageTek offers the most extensive product line and is the only product that is independently UL Load tested for weight capacities. With over 100 storage accessories, ranging from storage, to garden, sports and hobbies giving you the ultimate in garage storage flexibility.

3 As all materials in the GarageTek system are manufactured using the highest quality materials manufactured to exact tolerances, using premium thermoplastics and virgin steel, thus we are able to back the GarageTek system by a 10-year warranty covering products and installation.

4 The use of the GarageTek 3D CAD design software to develop a complete professional proposal to scale, which shows exactly what you, the client, can expect upon installation of a GarageTek system.

5 With a bright, attractive colour scheme, a GarageTek garage transformation turns a typically dark and often messy room into a safe, valuable and amazing improvement to your home. Adding the flooring system will maximise this dramatic change!

6 GarageTek is the innovator of garage make-overs, originally creating the garage organisation category. Being part of a worldwide organisation with many years of success in the U.S., we have technicians continually developing & evolving the GarageTek range we are now onto our third generation of products, which has led to superb functionality, design and the highest quality control in the production of our accessories.