Garage Safety


A clean garage is a safe garage

While injuries in the workplace and highways are down dramatically, injury related deaths occurring in and around the home have risen 30% in just the last 15 years.

Many of those injuries take place in the garage. Use this simple checklist to make that “other” room in the house – the garage a safe place for you and your family.


Tips For A Family Safe Garage

1 Organise all items in designated, easy-to-reach places so large piles don't accumulate.

2 Store shovels, rakes, garden chairs, bikes and other sharp objects on the wall to prevent trips and falls.

3 Clear floors and steps of clutter, grease and spills.

4 Keep children's playthings in an easily accessible area to prevent them from exploring potentially dangerous areas.

5 Light your garage brightly with maximum safety wattage as designated by light fixtures.

6 Protect light bulbs near work areas with substantial guards to reduce risk of breakage and fire.

7 Light stairs brightly and if necessary, install secure handrails or bannisters.

8 Make sure poisonous products such as pesticides, automotive fluids, lighter fluid, paint thinner, antifreeze and turpentine have child-resistant caps, are clearly labelled and are stored either on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet.

9 Do not use barbecue grills and electric generators inside the garage as they emit carbon monoxide and pose a fire hazard.

10 Install a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in the garage.

11 Never leave cars running inside a closed or open garage to prevent CO poisoning.

12 Store petrol in small quantities only, and in a proper container.

13 Do not keep fuel in a garage with appliances that contain a pilot light.

14 Mount a fire extinguisher and stocked first aid kit in the garage and make sure every family member knows where they are an how to use them.

15 Store pool chemicals according to the manufacturer's directions to prevent combustion and potential poisoning exposures.

16 Do not overload outlets and make sure electrical ratings on extension cords have been checked to ensure they are carrying no more than their proper loads.

17 Lock electrical supply boxes to prevent children from opening them.

18 Clean garage of dust, cobwebs and rubbish which can interfere with the electrical system.

19 Secure shelving units to the wall, making sure they are not overloaded and store the heaviest items closest to the ground.

20 Keep a sturdy step-stool within easy reach to aid in accessing items stored up high.