Fishing Activity Rack

Fishing Activity Rack



The GT2000 Fishing/Stick Rack can hold different sports “sticks” and supplies in a very compact space with easy, fast access. There is a top holder capable of holding up to 6 “sticks” for many different sports.


There is also a bottom shelf that can be used to either support the different sports “sticks” bottoms and / or hold smaller items, such as cricket balls.

Remember, this rack will hold many different type of sporting “sticks” – cricket, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, fishing poles, or even umbrellas.

Add several shallow baskets, 600mm shelves, other sports activity racks or game ball holders to make a “Sports Centre” on part of your garage wall organisation plan.

The GT2000 Fishing Rack is a proprietary design by Garagetek. The full width back support bracket and the rack’s back cover identify it as being part of the family of Garagetek Activity Racks. Each of these racks has been designed with features to best handle the storage & organisation requirements of specific needs - from sporting activities to your workshop needs.


Product Features

  • Full Width Bracket Across Back for Maximum Support of the Load
  • Top Holder Capable of Holding Quantity Six Different Fishing Rods, Cricket Bats or other sport sticks
  • Bottom Shelf for Supporting Rod/Stick Bottoms or Holding Smaller Items
  • Part of the Product Family of GarageTek Activity Racks


Product Details

Part Number GT2000


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