Giant Hang-All Bracket

Giant Hang-All Bracket



The GT4010 Giant Hang All Bracket is the “big brother / sister” of the smaller Hang All Bracket (GT4006).  The Giant Hang All Bracket is most often used in pairs and can hold such items kayaks, canoes, timber, larger / long cartons, surf boards, plastic pipe, building supplies, ladders, etc. 

The Giant Hang All Bracket is offered as single unit. As they are most commonly used in pairs, you should consider ordering a pair.

The GT4010 Giant Hang All Bracket is a proprietary design by GarageTek and only offered through our online store or from our local dealers.


Product Features


  • The Arm Extension Distance (710mm) is Designed to Hold Larger / Long Items
  • Padded Arms to Prevent Damage to Stored Items
  • Large Back Bracket for Maximum Support of Load


Product Details


Part Number GT4010
Load Capacity 18KG, UL Rated
Dimensions 228mm W x 711mm D x 342mm H


Related Installation Requirements: Installs on GarageTek Tekpanel. It will also install on most other manufacturers' wall panel.

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