Golf Activity Centre

Golf Activity Centre



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The GT2011 Golf Centre provides a protected storage space for storing the golf equipment you keep at home in a very compact space. There are 2 shelves. The top shelf can be used for storing two sets of bagged clubs or a bag of clubs and a folded walk along cart. This shelf is angled down in the back so the clubs cannot tip outward accidently. There is ample space on the second lower shelf to store smaller items like balls, shoes, caps, etc. Mounted on the sides are four hooks for caps, towels, umbrellas, etc.

Setup this Golf Centre along with other sporting activity racks to organize a “sports area” along a wall in the garage. This group setup will keep all your sporting equipment organised and together in one place.

The GT2011 Golf Centre is a proprietary design by GarageTek as recognised with its full width bracket across the back. This full width bracket guarantees you a rigid, strong and stable accessory.
The Golf Centre is constructed of square tubing, steel mesh side panels and heavy gauge steel for the shelving with a powder coated finish. 
Another option for storing your clubs at home is the Double Golf Rack (GT2004).

Product Details


Part Number GT2011
Load Capacity 50Kg, UL Rated
Dimensions 685mm W x 385mm D x 1016mm H
Assembly Required Yes
Assembly Difficulty Minor - 16 screws


Related Installation Requirements: Installs on GarageTek Tekpanel. It will also install on most other manufacturers' wall panel.


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