GT Skate Rack

GT Skate Rack



The GT2002 Skate Rack is a Garagetek proprietary design and part of the family of GarageTek activity racks. The double baskets and hangers allows you to store and keep organized different types of skates, helmets, padding, gloves, etc. in one compact place. In addition to skates, hang other sporting items such as scooters or skate boards from the hangers.

The baskets are constructed using larger diameter wire for the frame and a smaller diameter for the holding mesh. The mounting bracket is full width across the back. These features provide a heavy duty structure that will take a lot of use (abuse).

The Garagetek Skate Rack can hold inline skates, scooters, skate boards and more to help keep your garage organised.


Product Features

  • Full width bracket across back for maximum support of the load
  • Two baskets for holding skating accessories
  • Two large hanger hooks for holding skates, scooters, etc.
  • Dual diameter wire construction of baskets for added rigidity
  • Part of the product family of Garagetek Activity Racks


Product Details

Part Number GT2002



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