Large Tip-Out Bin

Large Tip-Out Bin



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The GT3004 Large Tip out Bin Rack has five clear plastic bins that tip open for easy access. These bins can also be removed from the rack for easy refilling of their contents or can be taken with you to where you might need their contents.  Another choice would be to lift the entire rack from its location and take it with you.

The GT3004 Large Tip out Bin Rack comes packaged with 2 mounting brackets and 2 mounting clips. These brackets are easily installed by positioning them through holes in the back of the rack and snapping the clips onto the bracket’s post.

The retaining lip that is around the top of the rack can be placed / stored and won't roll off. The individual bins have a pocket for identification labels. 
The five removable tip out bins are clear and the main rack housing is white. Both are injection moulded using acrylic plastic resin as re the mounting brackets using the engineering resin Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS).
The sizes of the bins are appropriate for hobby supplies, gardening items, such as packaged seeds or bulbs and even light bulbs. 
Stack 2-3 of these racks together, mounted together over a workbench or other area where you want quick access to the stored items.
Alternative choices to this size Tip out Bin Rack with 5 bins are the smaller Medium Tip out Bin (GT3003) with 6 bins and the Small Tip out Bin (GT3002) with 9 bins.  
This tip out bin is manufactured for GarageTek by Quantum Plastics and the mounting brackets are a proprietary product of GarageTek only available through our dealers and this on-line store.  


Product Features


  • Has Five Large Bins Which tip out for Easy Access
  • Easy to Remove and Relocate Entire Bin Rack
  • The Bins are Clear for Easy Identification of the Bin Contents
  • The Individual Bins are Removable for Cleaning or Carrying to Where Needed for Use


Product Details


Part Number GT3004
Load Capacity 4.5KG, UL Rated
Dimensions 600mm W x 133mm D x 165mm H


Related Installation Requirements: Installs on GarageTek Tekpanel. It will also install on most other manufacturers' wall panel.

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