Lawn & Garden Rack

 Lawn & Garden Rack



The GT2003 Lawn & Garden Rack is a proprietary design by Garagetek. It has a full width bracket for maximum support of its load. This rack combines the desired features for storing and organizing lawn & garden tools and supplies in a very compact space. There are 2 in-line tool holders capable of holding up to 8 tools, either long or short handled. There are also 2 baskets to hold smaller tools or supplies.

The tool holder arms are covered with protective polymer sleeves to protect against damage of both the rack and your tool handles from scratching or chipping.

Use the Lawn & Garden Rack (or several of them) as the centrepiece in designing your own garden centre. The idea would be to add several shallow baskets, 1200mm shelves, Hang All Barackets or Tool Hangers around the Lawn & Garden Rack to cover all your outdoor maintenance needs.

The Lawn & Garden Rack is part of the family of GarageTek Activity Racks/Lifestyle Kits. Each of these racks has been designed with features to best handle the storage & organization requirements of specific needs - from sporting activities to your workshop needs. There are currently12 racks in the Activity rack family. 

Be sure to check out and find the Activity Rack that will fit your Lifestyle and garage organization needs. 


Product Features

  • Full Width Bracket Across Back for Maximum Support of the Load
  • Dual Tool Holders Capable of Holding up to Eight Tools
  • Protective Sleeves on Tool Holder Arms
  • Dual Baskets for Small Tool or Supply Items
  • Dual Diameter Wire Construction for Added Stiffness & Rigidity
  • Part of the Product Family of GarageTek Activity Racks


Product Details

Part Number GT2003


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