Mid-Size Cabinet

Mid-Size Cabinet



The GT1005 Wall Cabinet, Resin is an oversized cabinet which mounts on the wall and packs a lot of storage capability for your storage and organisational needs. The design is both practical and consumer friendly. 


Supplied with this cabinet are two powder-coated, steel shelves with shelf brackets. The shelf brackets have a rear lock so the shelves are held in place once mounted. The shelves can be located inside the cabinet in any of 19 locations. Also supplied is a door bin which can be mounted on the inside of either door in 38 different locations. The doors have a locking loop in the handles so you can secure your tools and supplies safely from others. (I.e. children) 
Additional shelves, door bins and other in-cabinet accessories can be purchased to meet your specific hobby, workshop or organisational needs.


Product Features

  • Wall Mounted Cabinet That is UL Load Rated
  • Two Powder Coated Shelves Constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel and One Resin Moulded Door Bin
  • Cabinet Body is Moulded Resin Construction that Won't Rust, Dent, Scratch as Steel Does
  • Cabinet Body is Moulded Resin Construction that Won't "Fall Apart" as MDF or Melamine Board Does
  • Additional Shelves, Door Bins and Other Customer Accessories Available as Needed


Product Details

Part Number GT1005A
Dimensions 692w x 927h x 431d


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