Racquet Activity Center

Racquet Activity Center



The GT2001 Racket Rack is a proprietary design by Garagetek with its full width bracket across the back. This rack can help store and organise sports rackets & supplies in a very compact space. The racket holder is capable of holding multiple rackets, either with a cover or without a cover.  There is also one basket and one shelf to hold smaller supplies, such as shoes, balls, gloves, etc. The Garagetek Racket Rack can hold tennis, badminton, squash and other sports rackets.

The racket holder arms are covered with protective polymer sleeves to protect against damage of both the rack and your rackets from being scratched or marked.

The Racket Rack back cover identifies it as being part of the family of Garagetek Activity Racks. Each of these racks has been designed with features to best handle the storage & organisation requirements of specific needs - from sporting activities to your workshop needs.


Product Features

  • Full width bracket ensures maximum support of the load
  • Racket Holder can hold multiple types of different rackets
  • Protective sleeves on racket holder arms
  • One basket for supply items
  • One shelf for smaller items
  • Dual diameter wire construction of shelf & basket for added rigidity
  • Part of the product family of Garagetek activity racks


Product Details

Part Number GT2001

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