Vertical Bike Activity Rack

Vertical Bike Activity Rack



The GT2015 Vertical Bike Rack is a proprietary design by GarageTek. This bicycle rack has 2 large hanger hooks designed to hold 2 bikes. The bike hanger hooks are covered with rubber sleeves that are designed to protect the bike's wheel rim from possible scratching. The opening where the bike is mounted to the rack is “extra” wide to easily accommodate the thickest mountain bike / cross country tire. Additionally, the opening also makes it easier for children to mount and remove their bikes without the need of a parent helping them.


There are also 2 double hooks to hold your biking accessories such as helmets, water bottles, gloves, jackets, chain locks, etc. These double hangers have rubber end caps as an additional safety precaution.

The Vertical Bike Rack is ideal where the amount of garage wall space is limited because the mounted bike(s) face out perpendicular to the wall. The Vertical Bicycle Rack should be placed on the garage back wall and is not practical to use on the side walls of the garage. A better choice to hang a bike on a garage's side wall would be to use the Horizontal Bike Rack, GT2005


Product Features


  • Two Hanger Hooks Holds 2 bikes
  • Protective Sleeves on the Bike Hanger Hooks
  • Two Double Hooks for Holding Accessories such as Helmets, Water Bottles, Jackets, Etc.
  • Protective Rubber Tips on the ends of the Accessory Hanger Hooks.
  • Full Width Bracket Across Back for Maximum Support of the Load
  • Part of the Product Family of GarageTek Activity Racks


Product Details


Part Number GT2015
Load Capacity 22kg, UL Rated
Dimensions 710mm h x 120mm w x 190mm d


Related Installation Requirements: Installs on GarageTek Tekpanel. It will also install on most other manufacturers' wall panel.

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